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Photographers and designers from around the world gathers in this forum and make their interpretation of wallpaper. All are passionate creators with a message to convey through their creation.
Designers Forum provides insight into why a particular design was created and who the person is behind the pen or the camera.

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Are you a designer, artist or photographer with a passion for wallpaper? 

Designers Forum is a collaborative project and we are always looking for new talent. 
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I'm a Stockholm-based Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Pattern Artist who’s constantly looking for balance. When the lines are messy, I let the colors stay serene, and vice versa. I find my inspiration in things I experience, places I visit and people I meet. Therefore, each pattern carry its own unique story.

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Nature is my greatest source of inspiration. I like the magnificent and pristine scenery - high plains and deep valleys. I want to convey a mood of something real and something bigger than ourselves.

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My designs are often big prints for interior that I mostly make by hand. The start is the material, paint and ink on handmade paper and I use big japanese brushes which give a lot of effect.

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I love to photograph, it is a passion and a necessity. Even if still picture is my preferred choice I am very much inspired by movies. Film fascinates me a lot and it is my main source of inspiration in terms of my photography.

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I would describe my style as vibrant, folksy and playful. I mainly work in vector using the magic of imagination combined with watercolor, oil, gouache, embroidery and vinyl. My inspiration comes from my childhood, my three girls, nature, vintage books and midcentury design.

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I work as a visual designer with a specialization within pattern and print. My work process are fueled by intuition and exploration and I’m inspired to tell stories or evoke thoughts through my patterns.

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It always begins with drawing, with pen and paper. With small pen strokes that fill a surface, lines that form a shape. Trees are growing and animals come to life. In my imagination the nature grows wild.

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Louise Jones is a graphic designer based in Melbourne, Australia. Louise creates original pattern artwork for interior and fashion design. Her designs are created in a variety of ways, including the use of her own photography, painting and illustrations.

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The ideas for my work come from different sources. Nature of course is an important source with its irregular patterns and structures. But also architecture and geometrics.

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With my photographs I want the viewer to see the surroundings with a new set of eyes. Something that seems dull and grey at first glance might transform into a modern piece of art when seen through the camera lens.

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My background in architecture is perhaps visible in my fascination with buildings, human traces, lines, repetition and pattern. But it is important to me that the human hand is always there, that the somewhat ugly, imperfect and organic contribute to a more interesting experience.

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I create forward thinking, innovative designs for the fashion, interior and accessories market. Most designs are either started by a picture, drawing, painting or a combination thereof.

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