Big City Murals

Get a cityscape mural of your own

The big cities wall murals are a tribute to the unique architecture, designs and to the engineers who laid the foundation for the plans. Sit back and enjoy the lights of the Avenue Lumiére in Paris or take an imaginary walk over the Tower Bridge in London. Create a contrast at home by having a wall mural with a view of the big cities while still having your harmonic patio one step outside the door. We have both photographed and graphic designed wall murals that are perfect for the home that loves the pulse of the big cities. Why choose just to live in the countryside when you can take part of the metropolitan pulse in your living room?

Which is your favourite big city?

Big cities are beautiful and complex organisms like the lovely Paris, the lively London and the big New York. They have a special significance to us – even the big cities we have never visited. Our extensive range of cityscapes and skyline wall murals are a mix of photographs, abstract and conceptual designs. We might never travel to the big cities, but we can still dream big – all our big cities wall murals will quickly transform any room you add it to, perfect for the urbanite interior design. If you love the atmosphere of big cities but can’t afford to relocate, then why not experience it with a wall mural of your favourite city in your home?