World Map Wall Murals

Have the whole world on your wall

Our wall murals with the world map can also be used in a fun and creative way for the adventurous person to put a needle on the countries they have visited, and even those countries they would like to visit in the future. ”This is where we live, this is where we have been, and this is where we would like to travel”. Whether you want a modern world map for educational purposes or a worn vintage map to give character to your home, we have many different styles and variations imaginable – all designed for you and your home.

The whole world on your wall

The world map has become a favourite interior decor in many homes nowadays, as well as to have it as a wall mural. The world map could, with luck, be a little old and worn – like the map just arrived back home after an adventurous journey around the globe or a world map that is all covered in colourful watercolours. Give your room a more sophisticated look with a world map and in combination with white furnishings, it will pop out and illuminate beautifully as a wall mural. Do you want to have the whole world in your home?