Wood Wallpapers

Get a cozy wood wallpaper with charming wooden features

Wood of some sort will boost any interior design in your home. Our wall murals with wooden panels have both warm and cold colours, and you can place the boards lengthwise and crosswise. We also have wall murals of charmingly worn factory boxes and a confusingly lifelike wood panels. A wall mural in the look of a wood panel complements a rooms larger furnishings and a narrow room seems wider with horizontal panels, while a shorter room looks taller with vertical panels. Our wall murals of wood surfaces are a time efficient way to make a small difference in your room, why not cobble together a wall of wood on your own.

Create a natural look on your walls with a wood wallpaper

Create a close-to-nature feeling with a wooden wall mural in your home. Give your room a quiet and comfortable atmosphere for your family and friends to flourish in. Wood surfaces have become more and more popular in homes, with its happily visible and large beams in the ceiling, light-coloured wooden floors and especially with its beautiful textures and grainings, which performs flawlessly on our high-quality wallpapers. It is easy to understand that wooden surfaces are very popular since it is such a warm and living material.