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Trend Collection 4|17: Eclectic Dash

Eclectic Dash is inspired by the most bombastic and fearless style expression of humankind. Create truly elegant room settings with the help of stunning French panels, winding stucco moldings, detailed ornaments and chubby cherubs.

Trend Collection 3|17: Dusty Pink

Rebel Walls interprets, embraces and challenges the trendiest pink shade in a passionate deep dive of the color. Enjoy a highly relevant wallpaper collection that gets its inspiration from dreamy clouds, hexagons, gems and whirling marble – all wrapped in seductive pink.   Dusty Pink will be the thi...

Modern wallpaper for every room at home

There's no place like home. Let's make it perfect! On September 5, Rebel Walls is launching its new collection book #9 Home. The collection features a selection of 30 wall murals, divided into six chapters: Enter, Eat, Relax, Work, Play and Sleep. The idea of these chapters is to help make the wallp...

Trend Collection 2|17: Shore & Lines

Rebel Walls launches four trend-based wallpaper collections annually, interpreting current trends. They have a clear theme that is being developed in line with current directions of interior design. In addition to these four, Rebel Walls also launches two collection books that are more extensive wit...

Trend Collection 1|17: Tropical Oasis

Rebel Walls is now launching four smaller, trend based wallpaper collections where the company presents its take on current trends. Each of them has a distinct theme sourced from contemporary interior trends. Tropical Oasis will be the first of four annual collections launched online and includes ei...

Exclusive collection in collaboration with Raimat

For the exclusive collection The Senses of Raimat Vineyard – a collaboration with the Spanish vineyard Raimat – Rebel Walls has produced six wallpaper murals inspired by the vineyard's castle, situated in the heart of Catalonia and is a visual interpretation of the vineyard's pride – the red wine An...

Wallpaper murals for the young at heart

A storybook is a gateway to another world – one in which wallpaper tastes of chocolate and bottles labeled ’drink me’ can lead to an unbelievable adventure. In the Storytime Collection there are categories and motifs inspired by both classic and contemporary stories, laced into picture perfect desig...

Wallpaper Murals for the Curious Explorer

Rebel Walls continues to bring a brand new perspective to interior design. The new collection “Curious”,  takes inspiration from the offbeat, the vintage and the abandoned. What once was new and uniform, becomes unique, interesting and even odd. Odd can be magnificent if you look closely.

Få et værelse ... til din passion!

"Passion" er en ivrig tapetkollektion med utvivlsomt modige mønstre, der kræver plads og opfordrer dig til at gøre det samme. 10 fiktive entusiaster - Alle med deres eget hobbyrum, hvor de bruger tid på fritidsaktiviteter, afslapning eller begge dele - fører dig rundt i en helt ubekymret kav...

Fyld verden med tapet - eller i det mindste dele af den

" Et kort på din væg engagerer og opfordrer til nye samtaler og perspektiver. "Det er her, hvor vi bor, det er her, hvor vi har været, og det er her, hvor vi gerne vil rejse til." For at skabe et bredere perspektiv på kortet, har designteamet arbejdet med modsætninger. Historiske elementer er ko...

Vælg et tapet, der passer til din personlighed!

We wanted to create a graphic and colourful collection where there was something for those who do not even like wallpapers! With its graphic language and colourful pattern, Spectrum also perfectly complements our two previous collections; Frontage, with its simplistic surfaces, and Greenhouse with i...

Romantiske designs, der får væggene til at blomstre.

Greenhouse is a tribute to the power and diversity of nature. It’s for the weeds that won’t stop grow, the dandelions that burst through asphalt and the thorny rose bush that refuse to be tamed. Among the 32 unique wallpaper designs we will find thriving iron gates, hand painted wild roses and flora...

Parisiske facader, arkitektoniske tegninger og skandinaviske trædetaljer.

The collection Frontage (”facade”) is all about structure, surface, and patina. The wallpapers can be tailored to the customer requirements both in measurement and design.

Kollektion #1 er lanceret

We have been experiencing an increased need to create wallpapers in short runs for a personal decor and we are now in a position to help with fun, imaginative and unique wallpaper, explains the owners, Irene and Christofer, third generation of the Gimmersta wallpaper family.


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Hanna Bondesson

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