Floral Wall Murals

A botanical dream for your home

Fresh flowers are the most beautiful gift of nature. They make us realize just how many different colors there are around us. However, as colorful and fragrant as they may be, they wither away in a matter of days. Now you can keep them looking fresh right inside of your home all year long with the Rebel Walls mural series. Our assortment has a broad range of flower pattern wallpapers and botanical wall mural designs. With our high-quality wallpapers, your walls will be turned into a garden of your choice. All you have to do now is choose!

Floral wall murals for your home

Enjoy the different colors of flowers without the worries of replacing them daily. Our floral wall murals will wow your visitors with their design and color. You can mix different colors to make a bouquet or just pick one color. It can be really relaxing, after a long ride in the city, to come home to roses and lilies. Change the way your home looks with Rebel Walls' wall murals!