Graffiti Wallpapers

Graffiti wallpapers for walls with attitude

The art of graffiti is based on making a political statement about the world, and it will bring out the bold and rebellious side of you. If you are looking to stand out from everybody else, embrace our graffiti wallpapers and add a distinct impression to your room by giving it a striking texture that adds depth and color – an interesting conversation starter and the central spot in your home. It doesn't matter whether your home has a retro theme, modern decor, eclectic or a minimalist design influence, you will find that our graffiti wall murals complement and match any style. Our popular graffiti wallcoverings “Graffiti on Boards” is perfect for those looking for a combination of a surface wallpaper design with graffiti. Have you created your own graffiti art and would like this transformed into a personalized graffiti wallpaper, this is possible with Rebel Walls “Upload Your Own” service. Simply scan any designs in and upload them to create your own wallpaper.

Create a statement wall with a cool graffiti wallpaper

Create a graffiti wall with a metropolitan atmosphere, where dark and worn colors mix with a shabby environment, colorful flags and a skyline at sunset. Our graffiti wallpapers in rough concrete, well-worn wood paneling and large-scale graffiti paintings give a worn-down feel that is typical of urban styling. Existing since ancient times, graffiti art is no longer just part of an inner city passion – it has been integrated into many styles over the years. Our graffiti motifs are available in various abstract categories that merge well with endless decorating ideas and color schemes.

Make your very own custom graffiti wallpaper that is suitable for any room, from bedrooms, offices, children's bedrooms or even a statement piece in the living room. Rebel Walls wall murals are custom sized to fit any wall, simply enter your dimensions at checkout and we will show you exactly what your custom wallpaper will look like.