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Meet a Rebel

Add personality to your home and express yourself with wallpaper

Be a rebel and claim your space

Meet a Rebel is about highlighting people who claim their space and are true to themselves. People who dare to stand out, think differently and challenge the status quo.

Are you that rebel? It would be absolutely amazing to share your story with our crowd of rebels all over the world and to contribute to a better world where diversity thrives.

We would love for you to join our important cause and express yourself with wallpaper. Send us an email at collab@rebelwalls.com and let us know why you're our next Rebel!

Mic Linder

Meet the artist Mic Linder! A colorful rebel who believes that the goal lies in the process of making art. Mic finds inspiration out in the world then takes pieces of it and makes it his own. In this collection you will find everything from charcoal drawings, to dot painting and digital art.

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Julia Appel

Meet our softest rebel so far, Julia Appel. You don’t have to be loud and rebellious to be a rebel. Be yourself, go your own way and stay true to yourself is enough. Julia gets her inspiration when being outside in nature and she feels at her best when drawing. See some of Julias’ fantastic drawings in this collection.

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Marie Olsson Nylander

Meet our rebel Marie Olsson Nylander, a multi-talent who inspires with her unique style. Marie has created a wonderful wallpaper collection where styles clash and the old meets the new. She loves style clashes and always includes vintage details in her projects.

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Linda Vagnelind

Linda Vagnelind is a Swedish artist who portraits people and their stories sculpturally with wide brushes and thick oil color, for exhibitions. Her art is represented around the world, both in official and private collections.

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Zandra Rhodes

The colourful British textile designer Zandra Rhodes made her entrance to the fashion industry in 1967. With her vibrant and playful prints, she revolutionized the scene for good.

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Maria Qvist

Maria Qvist works creatively with colors and shapes every day and therefore feels a need for a calm-colored home. She attributes most of her inspiration from France and Italy but there are even some Japanese elements in her artwork.

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Donna knows what it feels like to stand out in a crowd. She is an artist and creator who loves bold and bright colors, and she is not afraid to show her true self for the world.

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