Rebel Walls가 Greenhouse를 런칭합니다 – 빈티지와 모던한 디자인이 결합한 새로운 벽지 컬렉션

Romantic Designs that Make the Walls Bloom


Autumn is here, and it is time to harvest what has been growing from ideas to a complete collection. Greenhouse is a wallpaper collection with a botanical category where flowers are in focus – the four chapters, however, have completely different styles. It is a beautiful collection with something for the modern romantic and the vintage lover, but it is first and foremost a collection for those who dares to grow free, says Irene Gimmersta Creative Director at Rebel Walls.

Greenhouse is a tribute to the power and diversity of nature. It’s for the weeds that won’t stop grow, the dandelions that burst through asphalt and the thorny rose bush that refuse to be tamed. Among the 32 unique wallpaper designs, we will find thriving iron gates, hand painted wild roses and floral wooden planks.

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