A Match Made in Heaven: Design Collab with Chinoiserie Expert – Diane Hill
From hand-painted murals to digitally printed wallpaper. Let us introduce you to Diane Hill – an artist and painter based in the beautiful county of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. She has painted two... Lees Meer
Make an Urban Jungle – Lush Green Leaves Wallpapers for Elegant Interiors
To create your own urban jungle can be tricky if you're not blessed with green fingers. Luckily, there are ways to work around the issue, and jungle wallpaper is an equally simple as gorgeous solution... Lees Meer
Green Wall Murals in all Colors – Production with an Ethical Aspect
Here at Rebel Walls, we are incredibly proud of our wallpaper. Not only is the design impeccable, but the actual non-woven wallpaper itself has nothing but perks. Read more about how we’re working to... Lees Meer
How Our Customers Have Styled Wall Mural Bellewood
Get inspired on how to style our popular wall mural design Bellewood. We have collected our favorite pictures from our customers on Instagram. Read more... Lees Meer
How to Decorate for Children – 3 Mothers Share Their Best Kids' Room Ideas
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Welcome to the House, of Carl Larsson and his Spouse!
Welcome to the late Swedish artists Karin och Carl Larsson's home Lilla Hyttnäs in Sundborn, Dalarna. A home that has inspired art and interior lovers for more than a century. In this post, we will te... Lees Meer
Ceiling Wallpaper – An Interior Design Trend That is Here to Stay
Rebel Walls introduces the fifth wall. We love to think outside the box and to experiment with color and patterns in unexpected places. To wallpaper the ceiling is a new trend that is starting to reac... Lees Meer
Blooming Wall Mural Raising the Roof at Theodora's
Welcome home to Theodora who runs the local and highly appreciated toy store Kurragömma in Borås, Sweden. In the summer of 2018, Theodora participated as one of the moms in the reality tv-show “Ensam... Lees Meer
Fashion for Walls – When Clothing and Interior Design Merge Into One
Discover Tess Callervik's unique world of patterns in our latest trend collection Day & Night – designed together with the Swedish slow fashion brand Daynight Casual. Learn more about Tess and how her... Lees Meer
A Priori and Other Priorities in the Lovely Home of Fru Vintage
Welcome home to coffee and interior lover Marlene, alias Fru Vintage. She lives a horse farm outside of Stockholm, Sweden and recently wallpapered her bedroom with our design A Priori. Lees Meer
The Stairwell Revival – Creative Wallpaper Revamp of Our Office Building
It all happens in the stairwell. Forget the idea of entrances being the main venue of “first impressions.” In story buildings, it’s in the passage between floors that expectations either grow or decl... Lees Meer
Flowerbed – Customized Wall Mural for the Soulful Home of @boho.wife
Susanne who runs the Instagram account boho.wife contacted us with an exciting mission – to change the background color of our wallpaper Flowerbed to a gorgeous warm brown shade. Lees Meer