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Trend Collection 1|19 Day & Night

Fashion for walls

All motifs from the collection Day & Night have originally covered luxurious and well-tailored garments from the Swedish fashion brand Daynight Casual. The patterns created by Tess Callervik have therefore been, and are, dressing the wearer for every day as well as special occasions. When the imaginative designs occur as wallpaper, the possibility to create fabulous rooms and spaces appears, inspired by the lighter or darker hours of the day. Please your inner morning or evening person with walls and activities that go with your persona.

Vibrating flora and fauna

The exuberant patterns in trend collection Day & Night are full of life, sound and motion; hear the roar of the waves, the buzz of pollinating bees and the chatter from reserved and vigilant mandrills. The six designs of the collection were created by mixing different materials and techniques and invite you to experience Nordic forests as well as tropical jungles. Even the bottom of the sea gets a place in this treasure of patterns.