On pins an needles - Pincushion sofa

April 14, 2014

More inspiration from Stockholm Furniture Fair -  Clever Pincushion Sofa

Pin cushion sofa, detail

We love this pincushion inspired sofa made by the Hungarian designer Demeter Fogarasis. The pins go all the way through the seat and form both legs and backrest. Clever and humoristic without loosing style. This textile and wood project was designed during Fogarasis studies at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Design.
Walking through the classroom with beautiful sunshine coming through the windows, I discovered a new beauty in the needles sticking out of the needle pillows. This was my very first impression - I told myself this was so inspiring that I should be working with it. My main idea was to have a playful concept, what refers to the inner child in every one of us. Enlarged object by themselves generate the feeling of being little as children. With the enlarged needles I am relating to textile techniques in an abstract way.
Visit Demeter Fogarasis porfolio here.