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Welcome to our "Curated By" section where we showcase carefully curated wallpaper selections by your favorite creators and influencers (and ours, too!).

Today, we're thrilled to showcase Maitri Mody, the creative interior decorator behind the Instagram account @honeyidressedthepug.

Dive into Maitri's fabulous home and discover her top picks from Rebel Walls.

Top Wallpaper Picks

"In my wallpaper selections, I always lean towards colors and patterns that make me happy. This way, every time I come home or walk into a room, it makes me smile."

Her Secret to Happy Spaces

Maitri is a content creator and interior decorator known for maximizing small spaces and upgrading rentals. She loves dopamine decor, often choosing wallpapers with colors and patterns that bring her joy. She is also a devoted pug mom to Ari, who frequently stars in her Instagram posts.

Maitri's innovative approach and eye-catching designs have earned her features in The New York Times, Apartment Therapy, Business Insider, and Better Homes & Gardens.

Her unique style blends maximalism with Danish pastels, creating vibrant, joyful spaces!

Fun and Accessible Decorating

Maitri believes that decorating should be fun and accessible for everyone. Her practical tips and vibrant style make it easy for anyone to transform their space into a joyful haven.

Whether you're looking to revamp a small apartment or simply add a pop of color to a room, Maitri's curated selections and design secrets are sure to inspire.

Since Maitri frequently works with rentals, she prefers Peel & Stick wallpapers for their flexibility and ease of use.

Maitri's Top Picks 👇

Explore Maitri's top wallpaper picks from Rebel Walls, and dopamine dress your space today!