Claim the Fifth; Wall

Make magic happen with ceiling wallpaper

Ceiling wallpaper is an unbelievable (and forgotten!) tool for enhancing your specific interior design style. In this section, we’ll take you through how ceiling wallpaper transforms a room and how you can make it happen. Remember, it’s just wallpaper!

A wallpapered ceiling is both an unexpected and pleasant detail in a home. A fantastic revelation for visitors and a massive factor in helping you express your personal style. Don’t be afraid of making a lasting impression!

The ceiling is often a clean palette, a space you can claim and be bold on without disruptions such as windows, doors, or other design elements. When choosing your ceiling wallpaper, start by deciding what feeling you want to create in the room. Do you want to create a dramatic or cozy setting?

Wallpaper: Opulence Lines

Ceiling wallpaper is the perfect tool for adding color, personality, and art to your home. You can be sure it always adds a big dose of smashing character! Narrow down your selection by deciding on color and style.

A wallpapered ceiling can create depth, height, volume, and a three-dimensional feel. Covering all five walls in the same pattern can create the illusion of height and make the space more embracing and snug, perfect in a bedroom.

Wallpaper: Arlon

Ceiling wallpaper can also be used to create a contrast to the rest of the room or to add that little something extra rebellious to an otherwise clean and stylish interior design. Combine, mix, match, or mismatch (who doesn't love a style clash!?) different patterns to create a statement-making interior design. Take the opportunity to express yourself and your style through wallpaper.

Want some icing on the cake?! Frame your ceiling with crown molding to set it off from the walls. Simply stunning.

Wallpaper: Mosaic and Timeless Green

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Ceiling Wallpaper

Now all you'll need is some last advice on wallpapering a ceiling. Once again, remember, it's just wallpaper!

How to wallpaper a ceiling

  1. Four hands are better than two when gravity takes its toll.
  2. ​​Make sure the surface you're about to wallpaper is smooth, clean, and dry.
  3. Apply a coat of primer paint before wallpapering if you choose a wallpaper in light colors or if the current wallpaper is dark.
  4. Let the strips run in the same direction as the short side of the room.
  5. Cut the strips before you start, making them easier to work with.
  6. Make sure the entire surface is evenly covered with paste.

You’ve got this! Be a rebel! Claim your space!

4 stylish ceiling wallpaper ideas

Sleep under the clouds.

Many of us dream about the freedom and beauty of sleeping under the open skies. Enlarge the room and heighten the ceiling with calming cloud motifs.

Wallpapers: Cuddle Clouds and Lucca Cloud.

The grand illusion - surface wallpapers.

Today's modern printing techniques allow us to stunningly replicate materials and textures. An excellent way to add structure and authenticity to an interior design.

Go bold with a graphic pattern on all five walls.

Nothing shows confidence and a sense of artistry as daring a bold graphic pattern on all five walls. Simply stunning.

Wallpapers: Bruno and Stripes Graphite.

All in on a lavish ceiling painting or stucco

Nothing says glamor as an opulent painting or upscale stucco. Extra stunning in the ceiling!

Wallpapers: Oxford, A Priori and Essex, Marble.

Ceiling Wallpaper