Meet a Rebel Rebel Walls x Mrs Mighetto

Magical Wallpaper Collab for Mini-Adventurers

Step into a magical, whimsical world painted in aquarelle! This dreamy kids' collection results from an imaginative collab between Mrs Mighetto and Rebel Walls.

The collaboration started with Mrs Mighetto's spellbinding illustrations and a world where every bedtime is an adventure for the little ones. A world home to characters called Mini-Mighettos, each with different personalities and magical gifts, just like tiny rebels! You will meet some of them in this design collaboration.

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"Each design has its own magical story to tell, packed with beautiful details, bringing us on an enchanted journey deep down through bubbly water worlds, mystical forests, flower fields, and high up among the clouds."

Mrs Mighetto is a creative brand founded in 2014 focusing on kids' rooms. They are known for creating products that are not only visually appealing but also tell a deeper story with every brushstroke. With a clear and unique aesthetic, they have captivated an international audience.

"From the ethereal beauty of forests, flower fields, and ocean nature-inspired motifs to the sky-high circus theme made from original watercolor, born were patterns that exude contemporary fantasy."

Anna Sylvan & Malin Mighetto; owner and founder of Mrs Mighetto

Discover the Collection