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Historic Wallpapers

The greatest historic monuments – on your wall

Imagine standing at the bottom of a large monument which has been in the same place, for a long, long time, since before you were born. A monument is an important legacy that has been seen thousands of times, by tourists all over the world. The historical monuments are often designed to convey historical and political information. Monuments are a given topic to talk about, from famous people from the past, but also about important happenings that have come to shape the world we live in today. Here at Rebel Walls, you will find a large selection of wall murals illustrating grand monuments from around the world.

Historical wallpapers - For a home with grandeur

Step back in time with a historical wallpaper, perfect for those that dream of visiting the greatest monuments in the world, that reflects a historical event or a building that is considered an architectural heritage. Feature your favorite historical monument in your home and preserve them on your walls.

Feature the longest man-made monument ever built on your wall with our historic landscape mural wallpaper “Great Wall of China”, or add America's most famous sculpture of their four presidents, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln with our "Rushmore" design. How about a beautiful sunset view? The picturesque views of our "Monument Valley" wall mural will certainly make an impressive addition to your walls.