Floral Wallpaper Murals

Create a botanical dream with a floral wallpaper mural

Enjoy the various colours of flowers without the worries of replacing them daily and choose from our selection of flower wallpapers and flower wall murals. Fresh flowers are the most delightful gift of nature, they make us realise how many wonderful colours there are, allowing you to appreciate the beauty of nature all around us. However, as colourful and fragrant flowers may be, they wither away in a matter of days. Now you can keep them looking fresh and pristine every day inside your home and all year long with a floral wallpaper mural.

Every order at Rebel Walls includes free delivery worldwide and wallpaper glue for an easy paste the wall installation.

Beautiful floral wallpapers in a bouquet of colours

Nevermind visiting the flower shop, our floral wallpaper mural collection features an extensive range of floral patterns, from stunning vintage floral wallpaper designs to impressive large scale floral wallpapers. Pick a wallpaper that will bloom your wall of choice. Our assortment of floral motif designs will create an amazing entrance in any room in your home, whether you are searching for the ultimate floral wallpaper for your nursery, or looking to create a splendid grand entrance in your hallway. With our premium wallpapers, your walls will blossom into a floral botanical dream.


Our floral wallpapers will amaze you and your guests, with their bold floral designs and stunning colours. You can mix various colours to make a bouquet in your home, or pick one of your favourite colours for a statement accent wall. It can be relaxing after a long ride in the city to come home to a floral display of roses or lilies.

Modern floral wallpaper design

Our floral wallpaper pattern "Flower Burst Concrete" is a favourite amongst many floral designs, with its concrete surface and colourful floral design that climbs up the wall, creating the perfect floral wall.

Large scale floral wallpaper designs

Our large floral wallpaper design "Blooming" offers the best of two worlds, combining magnificently striking large flowers with an impressive dark background, this floral wallpaper is charming in every way. Perhaps instead you would prefer a striking and large rose wallpaper such as our "Summer Wind" wall mural which combines warmth and grandeur.

DIY flower wall

Looking to create your own flower wall design? We also have the option where you can upload your own image, creating the perfect personalised wallpaper design. Or if you like one of our wallpaper designs but want to change the colours, you can speak with our design team here to discuss your floral wallpaper ideas. Change the way your room looks, with a Rebel Walls floral wallpaper mural!