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Animal Wallpapers

A wild animal wallpaper to liven up your room

Beautiful animals live everywhere on earth, from South Africa's deepest jungle to the Arctic's harsh landscape. From the deepest oceans to high up in the skies. How often do you see animals in the wild? Maybe not that often, especially in the safari with the majestic lions, impressive elephants, and the graceful giraffes. Perhaps you are not so often in the countryside either, with cuddly rabbits, hooting owls and playful foxes. With our wall murals of remarkable animals, your children can have them on their walls, or by your side when watching TV, or taking a nap. These animals will start to feel like your friends and it will seem as if they are looking after them. So take a chance and create that cozy environment at home, for whenever they feel scared or lonely. Our best-selling Rebel Walls “Mischievous Monkeys” animal wallpaper, available in white and dark, features adorable little monkeys climbing the large jungle growth, perfect for any hopeless animal lover. We have wall coverings with mighty animals from all corners of the world, ready to keep you all company!

Bring fascinating creatures to your walls with an animal wallpaper

Are you looking for a fun and inspiring animal wallpaper for your kids' room? We have a wide assortment of well-crafted and mind-blowing kids wallpapers, with many different animal motifs that will fit perfectly in your home! Mix big and lively animals with a graphical and creative form of art and achieve an eye-catching coalition that comes to life in your child’s room! Give their room a new exciting animal theme, from overgrown vegetation with our jungle wallpaper designs, observe wildlife with our safari wallpapers or perhaps your child is horse mad and looking for the perfect horse wallpaper. No matter which animal is your child’s favourite, take a look at Rebel Walls animal wallpaper and let them decide.