Watercolour Wall Murals

Splash watercolours on your walls like Pollock!

Our watercolour wall murals have an intense and fierce colour palette – both in colour and in a black and white hue. Watercolours are a creative tool to get any child and adult to cherish the lovely sweeping colours. Sit outside in the green grass on a blanket on beautiful summer days and start creating. Paint whatever you see first. The advantage of watercolours is that it is reduced with water; therefore, the capacity of the colours can vary, giving you both strong and soft colours. The look of our watercolour-stained wall murals is so beautiful, unbalanced and lively, that it is impossible for your room to become dull and colourless. The murals are customized to suit your walls, so all you need to do is choose between our various watercolour wall murals, measure your wall and order! Do you wish for a change of some sort in the design? Please contact our design services so we can help you design it according to your taste.

For an inspiring ambience in your home

If you are looking for an easy solution to transform the look of your walls and the decor of your room, then you are in the right place! Our wallpapers with watercolours are excellent and harmoniously complement your otherwise white walls at home. Our watercolour wall murals create a cheerful splash that makes you truly happy, no matter if you prefer the inspiring colours or the black and white stylish hue. Our watercolour wall murals present themselves in a creative and modern environment, perhaps in a kid's room where the creativity quickly ignites, or in a living room behind a simple, colourful sofa with a matching tone.