Wood Wall Murals

Create a natural wooden look on your wall

Are you looking for the perfect wallpaper that looks just like wood? Create a close to nature feeling with a wooden wall mural in your home. Give your room a quiet and comfortable atmosphere for your friends and family to relax in. Wooden surfaces in homes have become more and more popular, with its visible and traditional large beams, light coloured wooden flooring and the beautiful textures and grains, all of these perform flawlessly on our high quality wallpapers. For those that love rustic styling and chooses to mix together earthy tones and natural elements that often creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere, why not choose a wooden wall mural that will bring the perfect rustic appeal to any room, no matter if you are more for coastal styling or cottage styling, we will have something for you.

Get cozy with charming wooden features

Wooden elements often boost any interior, our wall murals of wooden surfaces is a time efficient way to make a small difference in your room. Our wall murals with wooden panels have both warm and cold colours, and you can place the boards lengthwise and crosswise. We also have wall murals of charmingly worn factory boxes and confusingly lifelike wooden panels, choose a horizontal panel to make narrow rooms seem wider, or vertical panels to make shorter rooms seem taller. Rather than having a headboard in your bedroom, instead create a stunning wooden backdrop with one of our impressive wood wall murals. Browse our selection below no matter your style.