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Collection #2 Frontage

Explore a world of surfaces

The collection Frontage (”Facade”) is all about structure, surface, and patina. These wall murals can be tailored to customer requirements both in measurements and design. Parisian facades, architectural drawings and Scandinavian wooden details. We have, with exquisite flair, created a wall mural collection that easily and effectively renews any home and provides great rooms with attitude. The collection Frontage contains handpicked surfaces from different parts of the world and creates scenographic walls for your home. Inspiration comes from different environments; French boulevards and exclusive antique shops to raw industrial facilities and urban city feeling. All perfect for both Heirloom apartments and modern accommodations. With Frontage, we want to help our customers with the challenging choosing process of wallpaper. The customer can feel confident that our design team has selected the best environments, surfaces, and colours. Maybe you want to have a bit of a popular industrial trend at home but not willing, or can't afford to tile a whole wall. Then our wall murals are a great and easy way to renew.

A collection of beautiful and exciting surfaces

In the Frontage collection, we have carefully hand picked dramatic surfaces from around the world. All wall murals are unique and have their own story to tell. Choose from vintage wooden boxes from Los Angeles, Gaudi-tiles from Barcelona or ceiling tiles from the 1900s in United States. We see a growing need for unique wall mural designs and are often asked to create designs with a particular design and colour. With the collection Frontage, we hope to help a broader audience find their favorite wall mural.