Collection #6 Passion

Get a room... for your passion!

Passion is an eager wallpaper collection, with undoubtedly brave patterns that demand space and encourage you to do the same. 10 fictional enthusiasts – all with a hobby room of their own for creating, recreation or both – guiding you around an entirely carefree cavalcade of patterns. A simple birch desk symbolizes the need for a space of your own – the choice of wallpaper and props differ greatly with different enthusiasts. We hope you find a design that shows what your heart beats for!

Put yourself in the spotlight!

If you had a place for only you and your interests – what would you fill it with? This is a passionate collection that demands space and encourages you to do the same. Wallpapering is an unbeatably simple start when changing the function of a room and enhancing its character. Decorate with our brave wallpapers for an inspiring environment. The stage is yours!