Street Art Wall Murals

Become a rebel with our street art wall murals

The street art style is known for questioning the environment that we live in by using “smart vandalism” as its own language to protest against different important and unanswered questions from the society. To get this rebellious style, work with various textures and tonal contrasts such as deeper browns and oranges, for a perfect background wall. Style with rough concrete, outdated wood paneling and large-scale graffiti paintings gives a rundown structure for a typical street art style. The street art style has been taken to mean the culture that arises in cities and towns as a result of the fusion of different cultures, lifestyles, ideas and attitudes. Therefore, it is an edgy lifestyle with its bold and colorful palette, perfect for the rebelling teenager. Do you dare to apply the ideas to create a street art style at home?

Artsy and colorful –perfect for kids and youngsters

Dark and well-worn colors and structures mixed with a shabby environment, bright-colored flags or a skyline in the early morning is constituting the typical feeling of the street art style. Our street art wall murals are perfect for a teen's bedroom or any fashion store who wants to stand out with a big mural of a flaky concrete motif. You can also put the street art wall mural in a more traditional home and create a fun contrast between modern wall art and classic furnishing. Create the ultimate street art feeling with intense colors, flags and materials like rusty metal, copper, and metallic.