Bricks & Tiles Wall Murals

Get a brick wall to-go

Do you like the industrial and robust style in your home? Start from scratch and choose a wall mural that looks like real bricks and tiles! When you think of an exclusive home with rich details and with lots of character, you might think of a modern warehouse apartment with bricks from floor to ceiling or a dreamy lighthouse with massive bricks and tiles on the walls. With brick and tiles wall murals, we give you the chance to design your walls to suit your dream house.

Get that industrial vibe with bricks & tiles wall murals

Mix the bricks and tiles wall murals with minimalistic wooden floors, white furniture and with a hint of an accent color, then add a red wall mural of bricks to bring the room to life with its rough surface. If you want to fool the eye with the illusion of a kitchen full of tiles, we have many different wall murals in our assortment for you to choose. Wall murals with bricks and tiles has always been popular in homes where you want to obtain the rough and natural look on a wall. If you are renovating an old house and are lucky, you can find surfaces of natural bricks behind all the layers of old wallpaper. But do you only want to freshen up your home, we have a wide variety of industrial inspired wall murals with bricks and tiles.