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Selected Designers

"Designers Forum is a series of collaborations where different designers get to create their personal interpretation of wall mural designs. In this Designers Forum project, we let go of control and focus on letting the designers express their own personal style. Since the start, our goal has been to create extraordinary wallpaper designs and to think outside the box. To stretch the boundaries of wallpaper design even further we developed Designers Forum. The project kicks off with 48 exceptional wall murals and eight designers. Our Designers Forum consists of Frans Verschuren (NED), Linda Vännström (SWE), Marjolijn Fossen (NED), Rebecca Elfast (SWE), Helen Dardik (CAN), Linn Warme (SWE), Mattias Backström (SWE), Stefan Jans (USA). The designers are a motley crew of photographers, painters, and artists. The motifs are just as diverse as the designers and range from Nordic curses of misfortune and x-ray pictures to architecture and watercolors. The idea is to keep adding both new and established designers from all over the world. "

Wallpaper designs by photographers and designers from around the world

In Designers Forum, we gather photographers and designers from all around the world to make their interpretation of an inspiring wall mural motif. All are passionate creators with a message to convey through their creations. Designers Forum provides insight into why a particular design was created and who the person is behind the pen or the camera. By working with designers outside the traditional wallpaper business, we gain new ideas and perspectives to broaden our Designers Forum.