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Blue Wall Murals

Blue colored wall murals

With blue wall murals you can visualize trust and pureness in your home. Blue hues stand for harmony and confidence; blue evokes feelings of freshness and relaxation and invites us to dream ourselves away. Scientists confirm that blue is the perfect color for your bedroom. The color blue is known to have a calming effect and can even lower your blood pressure and heart rate. But of course, blue wall murals can also be suitable for your bathroom or living room. Choose from our different blue wall mural styles such as nature, graphic, maps, urban and industrial. Blue is such a versatile color, and our blue wall mural designs come in a broad range of color shades; navy blue, denim, cobalt, Prussian blue, baby blue, royal blue, indigo or petrol blue. Choose your favorite blue wall mural from Rebel Walls and dive into the blissful feeling of blue color at home!

Calming blue for resort-style living

Use blue wall murals in your interior to create a crisp and clear look or a dreamy scenery. Blue evokes feelings of calm and freshness and invites us to dream. Just think of the sky and ocean. Since blue is associated with calmness, it works exceptionally well for bedrooms, bathrooms or living rooms – all rooms where one goes to relax. Dive into the blue ocean, look up into the endless sky or sit on a soft cloud. With a blue wallpaper, your sky will always be bright, so take this opportunity to lighten up your home! Create a heavenly beautiful feeling in your home with your favorite blue Rebel Walls wall mural.