20 ways to decorate a room using maps

May 06, 2015

An classic aesthetics finds new forms and materials

Many has fallen for it already and many will fall - we are talking about the aesthetics of maps! Rebel Walls just launched Maps a whole wallpaper collection inspired by the world map - here are some more ways to think freely about maps as an interior design element. Inspiration for those who love maps as much as we do, see the entire Pinterest Board (and links to the creators) on this theme here and get Pinspired!

Work the walls, floor and ceiling


If you want to cover the wall with a map but are not ready to wallpaper it just yet - fabric! Make it really simple and nail it to the wall with thumbtacks.


Works with paper to - map sheets pinned directly on the wall.


Pick a colorful world map and let the most vibrant colors be reflected in the other furnishings of the room.


If you go for a map wallpaper - make sure place comfortable chairs close to it. A map starts conversations.


Change perspective and wallpaper the floor - it works well, just add some layers of varnish. Brave ones wallpaper not only walls and floors but the ceiling as well...



Framed and hanged


Our love for maps started with the classic good old school map.


Though you can really work with maps in an interior design with a much more sophisticated look to. Here are some beautiful yellow maps, from different areas but with the same manner, gathered in a photo wall.


This graphic wall is one big map cut to pieces and then framed "back together" by twelve identical frames. You could easily do this with one of our wallpapers, just give us the dimensions you have in mind and let the scissor and measuring tape do the rest. Or use a map as an alternative headboard, this one has a city map in focus.



Globes on a row


Eight globes on a row. Pretty!


She´s making a moon...


But all we can see is planet earth from afar. Really stunning never the less! Tutorial > here.


You could do this! It´s almost never as easy as it looks and sometimes it´s better NOT to do it yourself but... buy some matte paint and some shiny metallic ones and at least try it out!



Scissors, crayons and varnish




Gift wrapping the well-traveled way.


For the bye bye or homecoming party - map pennants!


Do it yourself or don´t do it yourself, it´s up to you!


Map made with collage as the main technique - and then they write the name of the states on the glass for a cool floating feeling. Tutorial > here.


Easier than it looks. And much more fun! A map - something to attach the map to - and some varnish. The surface gets both shiny and hard. Ask your hardware store for the right type of varnish and numbers of layers. It depends on what you are going to do - if you are going to varnish the surface of a table or if you want to use a wallpaper outside, on the hallway floor or in a bathroom. It´s totally doable though.ca9df34f023eb92c817c19882cc2f767

See our collection Maps here and remember that you can order the wallpaper in any dimension you want. This opens up for photo walls, varios Do It Yourself and some Don´t Do It Yourself too... since we´ve made it for you in our design studio. Like with this world map Wanderlust.