A Dream Come True for a Girl’s Bedroom Makeover

January 21, 2020

A girl can decide how her bedroom looks

Everyone wants to claim their own space, so why can’t kids? More often than not, when a kid’s bedroom is being renovated, it's usually the parents that decide how to decorate their kid’s bedroom interior, from the furniture to the accessories, to even the choice of wallpaper, but not for this little girl’s bedroom.

Ella, who is 10 years old, loves to dance, paint her nails and have fun recording TikTok videos, had the opportunity to choose exactly how she wanted her bedroom interior to look like, and why not, it's a room she will spend a lot of time in.

Every aspect of Ella’s room portrays her personality beautifully in so many ways. Here at Rebel Walls, we love that kids are not going for the typical colors associated with gender; for girls, the typical pink and yellow hues, and boys, not wanting the common colors of blue and red. Instead, children are embracing a gender-neutral palette that rather represents more of their personality and not picking a color just because they are a girl or a boy. Kids are not afraid to step outside the norms today and instead they prefer to be a rebel with their own interiors.

Ella’s favorite wallpaper

When picking which wallpaper to have for her bedroom, there were so many Ella loved and could choose from, but her favorite was our wallpaper design, Concrete Art, Swallow from our new kid’s collection called Play. This wallpaper features beautiful swallow birds flying through the clouds over an industrial concrete surface. Take a closer peek and our other kids' wallpapers from the Play collection here.

Girl's wallpaper

A picture-perfect moment

Not only did Ella have the freedom to pick which wallpaper she could get, but also the opportunity to decide which poster suited her the best, and it certainly makes a wonderful combination in her bedroom. We love the concept of adding a poster over wallpaper. The quote on this poster from Pinx Prints beautifully sums up how we should all feel every day, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken”.

A girl’s room makeover

Our design service added the last finishing touches

With our design service, Ella was able to modify her wallpaper specifically for her room. Due to the slanting wall on the left-hand side and a window on the right, there were areas where the bird motif would not show fully on this wallpaper, so for Ella, it was a no brainer she wanted us to move these birds for her. We positioned one of the birds exactly to the left of her window so they weren't cut off. Now she has a flying bird just above her desk. As well as changing the position of the birds, Ella also wanted to change the color of the bird’s heads from red to pink; you got to have a little pink. If you are interested in modifying any of our wallpapers, contact our design department here.


A beautiful way to choose furniture for a girl’s bedroom

Ella first decided which pieces of furniture she wanted for her bedroom that were originally from her great grandparents. This beautiful desk she chose, has been passed down through the family over many generations, giving another family member in the next generation a new way to appreciate and enjoy it for many years to come. Ella loves to draw and paint, and this is a new special place for her to play in the comfort of her own room, along with the birds keeping her company.

Every child needs a bobble collector, and this adorable hand ornament is the perfect solution to keep track of all those hair accessories. We have to agree that it's much better than being sucked up by the vacuum cleaner.

A girl's bedroom renovation

How to wallpaper around a radiator – this is one great idea

Now you may be thinking, why has this wallpaper stopped before the radiator? Well, why not! We're used to seeing so many interiors with wallpapers going behind the radiator, but this solution looks great, we really like how nicely the white paint blends in with the window sill. It's wonderful to see the various ways people decorate differently and uniquely.


Q&A with Ella – What did you think of your room after it was wallpaper and styled?

We wanted to ask Ella some questions about her room since it has been renovated and decorated, and get her thoughts on the new wallpaper she chose.

Why did you pick this wallpaper?
– When I first saw this wallpaper, I knew immediately that this was the one I wanted. I really like the mix of cuteness and coolness with the birds and concrete combined.

What's your favorite thing about your room?
– I love my bed and my closet. When we redecorated the room we also re-furnished it, and now it feels even more like a big girls' room. I especially like to sit at my desk, writing and painting.

What's your favorite thing about this wallpaper?
– The concrete pattern.

Do you play more now in your room?
– Yes, I really do.

Do you want to change anything?
– No, it’s just the way I want it.

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Text: Catherine Higgins | Photo: Maria Sjöstrand