Blooming Wall Mural Raising the Roof at Theodora's

February 14, 2019

Floral design – From head to toe

Theodora and her friend are running the local and highly appreciated toy store Kurragömma in Borås, Sweden. If you want to see her, your best chance is to find her amongst the teddy bears, gym machines or in the renewed heart of her home – the living room. Most often accompanied by her three little companions; the kids. Together they form an energetic and loving quartet, but is there room for a fifth member in the family? In the summer of 2018, Theodora participated as one of the moms in the popular Swedish reality television program “Ensam mamma söker” ("Single Mom Seeking"), which is now broadcasting. A brave adventure of single mothers looking for love, challenging even for the exuberant Theodora.

Foton: @theodoralarsson Photo: @theodoralarsson

Location, location, location

To be in a TV recording and open up one's heart for the possibility to find love was one thing – to open up one's home for a whole TV team, was something completely different. Time to upgrade the apartment! Pink is Theodora's power color. Two wall murals from Rebel Walls'  trend collection Dusty Pink were spot on for Theodora.


Blooming with its dramatic black and seductive pastels was chosen for the enviable 13 ft wall height. Theodora's father is luckily a handyman, coming all the way from Norway to install the wallpaper on the impressively high wall and with decorations from interior store Hjärterum, the result is simply spectacular.

Pink kitchen

In the kitchen, pink wallpaper Agate was installed, a stone said to have and give good vibes. Not that it's missing in the company of Theodora, but one can never get too much. We wish Theodora the best of luck in her search for big love!


Theodora's choice of wallpaper


Agate R15371Blooming R15391