Bring Good Vibes into Your Home with Feng Shui

March 12, 2020

How to feng shui your home

Feng shui, which translates to "wind-water", is a practice originating from ancient China. The basic idea of the Chinese doctrine of feng shui is that we are affected by everything that is around us. With the help of feng shui's theories, we can decorate and furnish our home in a way that favors the flow of positive and harmonious energy (chi), thus creating a home that we can enjoy and a place that feels good.

Most of us have a strong need to find peace and balance in our lives, in contrast to today's stressed society and the plethora of stimuli to which we are exposed to daily. That is why it is so amazing how we can balance and compensate for creating the right feeling and harmony in our homes.

With the help of different colors, shapes, and materials, we can activate and positively balance the energies in a room. One of the tools for activating this energy is to work with "chi enhancers", such as beautiful details from nature, plants, mirrors, prisms, and light fresh colors. Simply surround yourself with beautiful things.

In this blog post, we would like to guide you through the concept of feng shui, with help from the expert and interior designer Rebecca Apelvi. She has picked out wallpaper patterns that will add balance and harmony to your bedroom, home office, and rooms without natural light.

Weeping Willows, Still Waters Blue Weeping Willows, Still Waters Blue

According to feng shui, green is a color that produces uplifting energies. It adds harmony, stands for health and well-being, and is said to affect our performance positively. Green is a great color to add to a room, such as your office.

Plants will improve the positive energy (chi) in your home Plants will improve the positive energy (chi) in your home. If you're not able to have plants at home, this mural with a botanical motif will be a good substitute.

The bedroom – the most important room

In feng shui, the bedroom is one of the most important rooms in a home. The bedroom is for enjoyment and rest and where we recover, refueling with new and fresh energies for the next day. With advantage, we furnish and color this room with sober and calm colors, taken from nature's own palette. Blue, beige, powder pink, green, and teal are examples of good color tones. Try not to over furnish, and work with soft shapes and materials that make us relax.  For a more laid-back and harmonious feel, we use more yin shapes (soft and round shapes) than yang shapes (angular and straight shapes). Clean the room of things that attract attention and those that can create internal stress, such as TV, tablet, and mobile phones.

Bring harmony to your bedroom Bring harmony to your bedroom with a wall mural in soft colors. Maybe, it will make you sleep better or invite you to daydream more often.

For a sense of security, place the bed in a power position. The head of the bed should have support in the form of a wall or a headboard, and you should be able to watch the door. This placement not only reduces stress hormones but also makes us feel relaxed. Avoid having the headboard in front of a window and having the door at the end of the bed, the energy flow can become too strong (since the energy flow enters through the door), and this can feel uncomfortable.

Asian Pines Asian Pines

Create extra light with a trompe l'oeil wallpaper

Many homes have rooms with no windows, which can cause the energy to stagnate and not desirably move around the room. To activate the energy in these rooms, you have to work with chi enhancers – such as lighting, mirrors, bright color choices, and round shapes. This makes the energy move around the room a lot smoother.

wallpaper pespective jardin by rebel walls Interior styling with our mural Perspective Manoir for the magazine @vtwonen by the decorator @cleoscheulderman. Photo: @jeroenvanderspek

A good idea for activating chi and creating the harmony we want in a room is the illusion that there is a window. That's why we want to show you the wallpapers Perspective Manoir and Cabin.

Cabin Cabin

Checklist: 5 tips on how to feng shui your home

  • Activate the good energies in your room by evaluating your furniture placement. Imagine that your furniture pieces are like rocks in a raging stream – they help you to break and slow down the rushing flow in a room. But don't over furnish.
  • Clean the room of items that grab your attention. A good rule is to clear away anything you don't need at that moment.
  • Furnish in a power position. Create safe spaces in your home or at work by placing your furniture in a "power position". We prefer to have support behind our backs and a good overlook of the room and the entrance.
  • Decorate with chi enhancers, such as beautiful items from nature, plants, mirrors, and prisms. An easy tip for bringing in good chi is to place a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers in your hallway.
  • Work with contrasts. Create balance in your home with a combination of yin shapes (soft and round shapes) and yang shapes (angular and straight shapes). Dare to mix materials and shapes along with dark colors and light colors. A round table can be placed on a square rug, and a tall piece of furniture can be balanced next to a shorter piece.

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Text: Rebecca Apelvi, interior designer at House of Chi.