Cabinet of Curios – Behind the Scenes & Styling Tips

November 04, 2016

Have you ever dreamt of owning a cabinet of curiosities?

At the beginning of the modern era, during the 17th-18th century, explorers, scientists, and colonists were busy traveling around the world. On their travels, they found (from their point of view) the most strange animals, unusual plants, and odd things. Most of these findings later ended up in so-called "cabinets of curiosities". One of the most famous collectors of this time was the botanist and zoologist Carl Linnaeus.

cabinet_of_curiosOur own cabinet is filled with vintage apothecary bottles and medicine jars. If you look close, you'll notice bottles of arsenic, Victorian "vomit wine" and conserved snakes.

A lost treasure

After our design manager Johanna had presented the idea of the wallpaper, an exciting adventure began. Where could we find interesting objects and curiosities for our cabinet? Luckily, we got in touch with a real gem – the Medical History Museum in Borås. They liked our idea and invited us to explore their big collection.

cabinet-1When we entered the warehouse of the museum, it was like opening a treasure box. What a fascinating place! We found antique furniture, exquisite medicine chests with glass doors, bottles with odd content, old medical tools and beautiful clothes. Every item had an object number and was impeccably categorized. It was like visiting a time capsule, where time had just frozen around the 1960's.

Making the cabinet

Back in our design studio, it was time to unpack the boxes of curiosities that we had taken with us. Picking up bottle by bottle, we couldn't hold back – we were thoroughly surprised by their beauty.

cabinet-2Arranging bottles for the photo shoot.

cabinet-3Are you curious by heart, or maybe you love to collect odd and unique items? Would you like to dress your walls with a photo mural that awakens wanderlust and interesting conversations? If so, this wallpaper design is your perfect match. You can even customize the design, as for instance put some of your own treasures into the shelves – contact our design service, and we'll gladly help you along.

Follow us behind the scenes

Impress your guests with a cabinet of wonders like the old scientists

styling_cabinet-enThis pattern works particularly well with black details and raw materials, such as metal and concrete. In our styling suggestion, we've picked out a black bentwood chair with a cognac leather seat, and a black side table on wheels. Nature material, like antlers and wood, fits perfectly into this style. To get the final touch, add vintage apothecary bottles and a decorative vase with a green leaf.

The minimalistic industrial style helps this wallpaper pattern to pop-out and bring a warm feeling to the room. This design creates dimension and depth on your wall since the cabinet looks like it has been built-in.


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