Create Beautiful Origami Stars for Your Home Decor

January 11, 2016

Make something decorative out of your paper discard

We’ve used our wallpaper leftovers and folded them into lovely origami stars. Take part of our easy tutorial below!

For the tutorial, you will need a triangle with all three sides the same length and a 60° angle between them. You can use the one underneath and print it out as a template.


1.) Start by measuring out respectively the middles of each side and the total middle of the triangle and mark them all, as shown with the pink marks in the photo.

2.) Go on by folding every corner of the triangle onto the marked middle of the opposite side, as in the picture.

3.) Open the triangle again. Bend the first point up and then fold it down at the marked center point.

4.) Repeat step 3 with the other two points. Now the star should look like this.

5.) Tuck the left side of the left bottom triangle under the right side of point. This will secure the star to not open again.

6.) That’s it, you’re done!
You can now make many stars in different sizes and hang them up, in your window for example.

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