Create Your Own Sanctuary With Wallpaper – Tropical Oasis

April 20, 2017

Inspired by the secluded getaways of the tropics

We’d like to invite you to a secluded place where peace and harmony can be found. Tropical Oasis has been inspired by the purity and simplicity of the secret getaways of the tropics. It borrows elements from plaited and worn surfaces, recognizing the dedicated crafters whose tender touch can still be felt, long after their hands have let go. With this collection, we want to invite you to create your own tropical oasis, a sanctuary, a secret garden, in the one place that truly matters – your home.

tropical-paletteGive your room a natural confidence with tropical patterns

This collection erases the borders between in- and outdoor living and with its balance between handpicked surfaces and beautiful motifs it accentuates simplicity. Find your path to tranquility with this collection's raku crackles, vintage boards, rainforest mist – or wrap yourself in the soothing gemstone colors of peacock feathers.

Selected designs

secret-bloggSecret Garden, Bali Boards

A delicate hand-drawn pattern of a tropical jungle superimposed on the surface of standing whitewashed wooden boards. This wallpaper can be used as an exotic feature wall, with the structure of the boards giving the room depth and texture. If combined with Bali Boards it will create a relaxed setting for your decor.

misty-bloggMisty Forest

Mist covers the rainforest canopy, softening every sound. Despite the thick fog, this wall mural adds depth to the room, creating an illusion of sitting among the treetops, overlooking the great Amazon forest as day gently breaks. You can almost taste the refreshing calm of the tropical dawn.

fagel-bloggBirds of Paradise, Tiles

Hummingbirds are the gems of the tropical forest, exceeding each other in splendor. Here they hover on vintage tiles in a pastel composition, that is ornate and sober at the same time. The tiles, seemingly still warm from sunlight, will add a bit of the hummingbirds' dazzle to a room as if we're sitting on a tropical patio.

raku-bloggRaku Crackle, Jade

This jade Raku surface - covered with the dynamic lining of natural cracks that are elegant in their simplicity - will give the room an intriguing organic dimension. This wallpaper can be used throughout an entire room but also be combined with one of the other designs in this collection to create an astonishing effect.

peacock-bloggPeacock Plumage

This design is based on a close-up picture of iridescent feathers. The delicate and somewhat mysterious shimmer of the bird feathers has been preserved in the wallpaper reproduction. With its gemstone colors, it will make an elegant wrapping for any interior.


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