New Wall Mural Collection – Curious

September 05, 2016

Wall murals for the curious explorer

Do you consider yourself a curious person? Can you detect what's underneath the surface, and see beauty in decay? Our new collection Curious is made for you, the explorer – the distant land discoverer, the urban sprawl uncoverer. Curious Collection is inspired from the offbeat, the vintage and the abandoned. What once was new and uniform, becomes unique, interesting and even odd. Odd can be magnificent if you look closely.


Beauty in decay

Slow down and take a second look – and the ordinary will reveal itself as extraordinary. The truly curious will see there is beauty to be found in decay. Each design in the collection takes a snapshot of the astonishing beauty that can be found in the most unexpected places, capturing it for eternity, before it further evolves into something else entirely.

With this perspective in our mind, we've created 20 stunning wall mural designs that capture the character of the curious explorer with a taste for the unconventional. Here are some highlights from the collection.

cabinet_of_curiosCABINET OF CURIOS, RAW

Every time you look at this cabinet you will discover a new surprise – may it be the various bottles of medicine, or may it be rare collectors items – there’s always some curiosity to be found in it. 

perspective_manoirPERSPECTIVE MANOIR

 This design gives a new perspective - it deceives the eye - these vintage industrial windows offer light and a view where there previously was none.

bleached_odditiesBLEACHED ODDITIES

At first glance, the all white items arranged in this wall mural present a neutral pattern, but look closer and you’ll find an intriguing collection of objects for you to discover over time. 

beneath_the_bridgeBENEATH THE BRIDGE

True beauty can be found in the unintentional. No one was supposed to pay attention to the underside of this bridge, but as the rusted layers aged to contrast with the fresh blue ones, it revealed itself as a strikingly beautiful geometric design.

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