Customized Wall Murals for Individual Decor

May 17, 2017
At Rebel Walls, we have made it our mission to aid you in the process of creating something that has not been seen before. All our designs are fully customizable for the possibility to give your project a wall mural that nobody else has – adapted to the individual style or concept of the project. Let our design studio help you adjust the wall mural according to your vision, or create something extraordinary from scratch, to get exactly what you want. Nothing is impossible!

Ideas to kick start your customization creativity

We have collected a handful of suggestions on how you can customize a wall mural with the assistance of our design team. Keep on scrolling for inspiration!


before-after-bellewood-cloudsA tweaked wall mural that is a combination of  Bellewood Black Toile and Cotton Skies Black. For a design with full coverage, this is an excellent option, so the trees and the clouds feel less lonely. 


before-after-monkeysMischievous Monkeys got a whole new feel and depth to it, just by adding a dark green background color.  


before-after-windows2Perhaps the project requires a hint of New York? Give the room a view of The Big Apple instead of swaying tree tops as in the original, Factory Window.


before-after-perspective-patinaIf there are two different colored patterns suitable for your project, or if you need to match some furniture, it's easily corrected. In this example green Perspective Manoir and beige Patina are adjusted to color match as a gray hybrid. 


rebel-custom-wallpaper3We used a version of our own company logo to experiment and make a new pattern out of the original red and white. Use your company's graphic profile and make your own wallpaper range!  

Customized by our design studio

In the design studio, Linda Pålemo works with all customer specific design projects. She can (and she will!) create a mural or a pattern from just about anything: a photo or an illustration, a mood board, a theme word or even the simplest doodle. Together you'll create something truly unique for the space that you're decorating.


DIY customization

In our collection, we have a wide range of patterns that you can easily adjust by yourself in the online customization tool.

You can:

  • flip the motifs

  • desaturate the image

  • change the color scheme

  • rescale the motif

(Note that the range of possible adjustments varies depending on the wall mural you have chosen.)

Are you starting up a project and want to make something extraordinary? Just head on to the site and start exploring all design possibilities!