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November 17, 2020

Positive vibes only

In the last couple of weeks, we have collaborated with one of the most positive and colorful content creators on the Internet. Kim Baeten is behind the wonderful Instagram account colorful_kimmes, which has a sparkling feed that lights up the darkest of days. We have asked Kim some questions to get answers on how we can succeed with a colorful interior design style.


Tell us a little about yourself

– My name is Kim. I’m 36 years old, and I live in the Netherlands. I used to be a skin beautician, but a few years ago I started my interior account as a hobby. Now I can fully focus on my awesome job as a content creator. I love it every day. I do a lot of fun projects at home and compose pretty pictures! I also connect with my dear followers and lovely companies. I show pictures of our home and lifestyle in my feed.
– My husband Remy and I have two daughters, Lola & Kiki, and two chihuahuas called Ponyo and Muffin.

Coral Clouds Coral Clouds

Tell us about your interior design style

– I never gave my interior decoration style a name actually, it’s just “my style”. I love lots of interior styles, really. But I would describe my interior decoration as bright, bold, uplifting, eclectic, boho, and some even call it Mexican or tropical. I love patterns, colors, and textures. Happy vibes only!

Color Clouds, Chili Color Clouds, Chili

What are your best tips for someone who wants to succeed with a colorful interior, where do you start?

– My advice would be to start with one item you love and to take it from there. Maybe invest in a nice colorful rug, wallpaper a wall, or decorate with a few throw pillows. And from there you will probably get inspiration for the rest of your home! I can find inspiration everywhere, even from a pretty flower that I see or a sweater that someone’s wearing. If I see a color that I love, that color needs to be in our home!

Jelly Belly Plants Jelly Belly Plants

How did you choose the wallpaper for these three rooms?

– I looked through all the wallpapers on the website and chose the ones that gave me the happiest feeling. The design Color Clouds, Chili for my “boudoir room” was the easiest pick; it has my favorite color palette. I’m happy the kids chose the same murals I’ve picked for them (in my head), I knew my oldest daughter would love Coral Clouds. She has the (darker) attic room, and it needed to be a lighter wallpaper there. For our youngest, we choose Jelly Belly Plants, and the colors in it are amazing! I was thrilled that she picked this wallpaper. We also loved the happy name.


Do you want to recommend three Instagram accounts that inspire you?


– I’ve loved their homes from the first time I saw them on Instagram. There are so many great accounts on Instagram! I don’t exclusively follow interior accounts, I love lifestyle and body positivity accounts too, among many other things. I made some really amazing friends on Instagram, and I speak to some of them on the phone on a regular basis. It’s so nice to meet others who share the same passion. And of course, it’s lovely to inspire followers, the lovely messages I get every day. It’s a beautiful thing!

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