Dive into Tess Callervik's Fascinating World of Patterns

April 30, 2020

A self-proclaimed pattern machine with a soft spot for nature

Danish-born Tess Callervik, who is now based in Sweden is the founder of slow fashion clothing brand Daynight Casual. In 2019, she released her first wallpaper collection in collaboration with us at Rebel Walls, and now in 2020, it's time again. Trend Collection 2|20 Moss & Coral guides us through the natural, yet spectacular, biotopes of terrestrial and aquatic animals.

What are Tess's interpretations of being a true rebel? What are her hopes and dreams for her two sons? And what's her opinion about climate change, and the challenges for her beloved wild animals? We called her to find out.

Vigor, Oxygen Vigor, Oxygen

What does the word "rebel" mean to you?

– Being a rebel is daring to stand out from the crowd and not being like "everyone else." To create your own personal style. For example, my first apartment was entirely in pink and turquoise hues. I loved the brand Designers Guild back then, but today my decor is more inspired by John Galliano and Valentino. The rebel in me has always been stubborn. I've always dared to go my own way, and from an early age. At the age of 12, I knew that I wanted to work with design, just like my dad, who ran an advertising agency throughout my upbringing.

Aquatic Life, Coral Aquatic Life, Coral

Daynight Casual is a conscious slow fashion brand. What are your thoughts on human's impact on the climate?

– I worry about these issues daily, and there is so much that needs to be done. We have to change our behavior in order to go in the right direction. The fact that species die out or are threatened really does affect all of us. I believe it is important for everyone to maintain transparency about these facts so that we are continually moving towards a more sustainable world.

Tess Callervik creates patterns for both clothes and wallpapers.

You have a strong connection to nature. What do you think about animals' living conditions changing?

– I have always loved nature and the animal kingdom, and this is where I get almost all of my inspiration from. I often get strongly affected, for example, when there were so many koalas in Australia that had a hard time with the forest fires, and because of this, I had a strong feeling that I needed to make a pattern with koalas. It's my kind of therapy, to step into my creative bubbles.

Cygne, Noir Cygne, Noir

You strike us as someone who is always inspired. What does your creative process look like?

– I am working with many different thoughts and ideas all the time. In some periods, I am a bit like a pattern machine, what’s inside of me, just have to find a way out. This very often leads to a collection of some kind.

Rabbit Hole Rabbit Hole

You and your husband Daniel have two sons, what are your hopes for their future?

– Our youngest son is six years old and, if you ask him, he will become a combined pizza baker and swimming teacher. Our eight-year-old son wants to create a medicine that will make everyone on the planet friends. So, we have high ambitions! Haha, to be honest, we will let them do whatever they are passionate about doing. As long as you find your calling and get good at it, you will be happy.


Last question, do you have any personal favorite of the wallpaper patterns in the collection?

– Alice's Garden is my favorite. The oversized flowers give you a feeling of joining Alice's adventures in Wonderland. I think a pattern should claim its place and be the focal point in a room, and that's a common fact for all of the wallpapers in collection Moss & Coral.

Alice's Garden Alice's Garden

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