Dreamy watercolors and razor sharp edges

January 28, 2015

Spectrum is being born

We have already shown you some of the background stories from the designs in our new colorful collection Spectrum in the blog post A dynamic design process - but theres more!

The big and bold shapes in Big Diamond for example! They emerged from a play with papers and scalpels. We picked the colours who had the most and the least in common - for a brave, interesting meeting that never grows old.


The two vertical lines, running from the top to the bottom, mark the three pattern modules. Pick one and repeat it or mix them freely.




Tradition with a twist

Let us present a landscape that will take your breath away - Adventure is inspired by the old tradition to colorize black and white photographs. The bright neon colors that we used are everything but traditional on the other hand.advPlace this This is a mural that needs to be seen! 




Dreamy watercolor

A both realistic and poetic motif is shown in the wonderful wallpaper Rainbow Wold. We asked the brilliant illustrator Rebecca Elfast to create a dreamy world map using the material she is specialized in - watercolor.

akvarellkarta_beskurenLook at the characteristic and vibrant expression specific to watercolor.

R13431_Rebel-Walls-4-image-1This is a theme that evokes both wanderlust, thought and perspective - perfect to place nearby seating areas as a rich conversation piece!

R13432_Rebel-Walls-4-image-3We are super proud and really happy about our latest collection Spectrum! It is a great sequel to our previous collections Panorama, Frontage and Greenhouse and we hope that you will love it too!



For more background stories of the designs in our new wallpaper collection Spectrum, check out the blog post A dynamic design process.