Dusty Pink – A Radical yet Refined Pink Wallpaper Collection

October 04, 2017

The bravest color

Pink – what are your feelings about the color? Do you spontaneously like everything as long as it is pink, or do you dislike it? Has your attitude towards this color changed over the years? We see the pink trend clearly in interior and fashion magazines and in various trend reports. The fact that the pink trend is here and seems to be here to stay is happy news for some, and perhaps an opportunity and reason to re-evaluate and upgrade to this wonderful color. One thing is for certain – Rebel Walls loves pink!

pink_rolls-4_smallerEven more so now, the right pink shade has the unique ability to both accentuate and unify other interior elements. All the patterns from our brand-new trend collection Dusty Pink get along really well with big-leafed green plants and golden details that have already won a spot in many of our hearts and homes. Just look at this marvelous setting below.

R15381_image4 Pink is an inviting color. Take a seat at this table and let the conversations fly high.

Opposites attract

When it comes to love many of us have heard, and some of us have felt that opposites are drawn to each other. Passion like this can be exhausting, short and intense or dynamic and rewarding over many years. Only those who are brave enough to surrender to love and getting to know the outcome of their crush are bravely rewarded. The fact that “opposites attract" can also be seen in the color choices and patterns of the wallpaper collection Dusty Pink as well. We picked a pink, best described as "pink with a pinch of ink in it", it is salty and sweet, rough and romantic. Just as you can find hard and durable materials as mountain ranges and gemstone side by side, with lighter and more perishable phenomenon like morning dew, mist, and spider webs, creating a perfect combination.


dp_2 Let the walls of your home be one of the more changeful spaces. With a wallpapered brick wall, it is much easier to hang and rehang your wall art.

Fall in love – Stay in love

Are you thinking about adding a little pink to your home, but are still hesitating to do so? Pink can seem like a wild color to have on your walls, and we are aware of that. Rest assured though that the design team of Rebel Walls have carefully gone through the whole pink spectrum and selected the best pink shades out there. Dusty Pink is easy to fall in love with and stay in love with. A pleasant, sophisticated pink shade that is easy to introduce, even to a home where all the walls used to be white.

R15402_image3 Bubblegum pink + whirling ink. Trapped in edgy hexagons. Lovely, right?

R13057_image3 Our beloved wall mural Bellewood in a new seductive pink version.

Pink stands for hope and energy. Make a place for the pink revolution in your life and start at home!

Curious about the collection?

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