A dynamic design process

January 28, 2015

Fight the white walls

Our latest design collection Spectrum is a happy tribute to colour! Three chapters will help you navigate in its wide range of colours - Monochrome is for the more graphically oriented person, Gradient represent smoother colour changes whereas Rainbow gives you the full package, the full palette. This is the story behind some of the motifs and patterns in the collection, enjoy!

The photo wallpaper Confetti reveals its inspiration already in the name. We tried out a bunch of different kinds of confetti before we found the exact right ones.

R13551_Rebel-Walls-4-image-1The design contents a special depth and light. A perfect wallpaper for a room in the need of some extra energy. R13551_Rebel-Walls-4-image-2


A study of prisms and diamonds

To make the pattern Chalkboard you need following things: A blackboard, crayons, prisms and diamonds, coffee and patience.


When all of this is at place, in our designer Emma as well as in the design studio - magic begins to happen. Chalkboard is a beautiful pattern where floating light illustrations meets the darker and rougher blackboard.




Designers having fun

Our designers have had fun during the making of Spectrum, they have worked  intuitively, organic and messy in the process of developing pattern for the collection. Step two is neater, when the design is being transformed and adjusted on the screens. This is our Designer Johanna, clearly in the first step of the design process, creating the wallpaper Elevation  in full scale directly on the wall. jobbande_johannaWhen we inverted the colours streaming down the wall a cool visual effect appeared in the room, if you have a white roof you almost get the feeling its melting down on you. This is Colour Rain.

R13401_Rebel-Walls-4-image-1And when we added some colour to the design and simply adjusted the intensity of the mint green shade a faschinating depth occurred! Elevation Gradient gives you an abract nature scene, some se rock formations, other sees clouds.




To capure the colours

Colour Clouds is actually a photo wallpaper! It´s hard to believe at first but its dynamic expression comes from colour bombs exploding and being photographed in the exact right moment!

R13271_Rebel-Walls-4-image-1This design is available in two versions -  choose between greenish blue or energetic reddish pink.



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