Eclectic Dash According to Drömma

November 28, 2017
Lotta Lundberg, also known as Drömma, is well known in Sweden as an outstanding brave, warm and sharp storyteller. Working as a stylist and photographer in Gothenburg, her tone of voice in her writing manages to be both dreamy and razor sharp at the same time. All photos in this blog post, except for the two interior photos at the end, are taken by Lotta. You will find them in their original context here on her blog and Instagram account.

Our focus person for this interview is not only a visual artist but a mom – a mom of six. The huge family just got the keys to their new apartment with a breathtaking 221 square meters in the middle of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Favoritsmycket“My home is the story of me, a story that I write a few new lines on every day. To express myself with clothes and in my home helps me to understand both myself and the world around me. I've always been like that, and I truly wish for more people to dare to be a bit edgier when it comes to finding out who they are and to express it.”

Lotta truly gets our wish and slogan, to find the courage to take place – to claim your space.

IMG_1655Lotta has a unique sense of finding the key objects to both her wardrobe and home interior. She searches high and low at flea markets and charity shops for small-scale Swedish finds. The jewelry line shown above from Paula Hagerskan is, for example, one of Lottas many favorites. As a photographer, Lotta is deeply fascinated with the possibilities of photo wallpapers, and she is not afraid to mix and match traditional wallpapers with statement wall murals.

IMG_0808 The key to her dream apartment.

To feel at home

We got in touch with Lotta just as the big wall renovation in the apartment was done and the home styling would begin. How does she make room for all parts of her personality and the children? And can her love for small picturesque hotels be seen in their new home?

According to your Instagram account, you seem to be renovating your new home at an amazing pace. Where in the process are you and do you have any keywords for your new home?

The kids and I have just moved in, and the decorators are finally finished with the big renovation to fix all the walls. Because the walls were in such a bad condition and it is a rental, we were entitled to have all the walls renovated. The landlord's carpenters do most of the job, and we got to choose the colors and wallpapers. It is so much fun, and I am very thankful. The four kids that still live at home love warm interiors, preferably patterned wall murals, just as I do. “White and simple” is not our melody. Our goal is to let the character of every room and the person in it come to its full height.

Utsikt The photographs of Lotta all have a slumbering yet curious tone in them. Always searching.

I want to keep a harmonic and somewhat dusty color scale at home, when you are a guest in our home I want you to get the sense of entering a whole new world, a place where time stands still. Keywords in the building of this new home are bohemian, eclectic, sanctuary, romantic, arty and poetic.

We understand you are some sort of a hotel-connoisseur, always looking for a good hotel, can you see that your love for hotels is reflected in your new home?

I really love staying in hotels, I often fall for the small and wayward ones with an “older” style, hotels where you feel you have stepped into another time and space. In Gothenburg, two of my absolute favorites are Pigalle and Eggers, and they have inspired me, both when it comes to wallpapers and their way of being a bit more edgier and not so typically Swedish. To have courage. But don’t sneak peek on others too much, go for your own feelings. Hotels and movies are my biggest inspiration. The movies by the director Wes Anderson are both mine and the kid’s absolute favorites.

Six kids equal six different personalities – how do you make room for all of their personalities?

To be honest, two of them have already moved out and into their own homes and the rest of us have seven rooms to be in. My two youngest share a room together and are happy with that, and the older ones have bedrooms of their own so they can retire in the way teenagers needs to. And then we have a guest room which serves as an extra living room, so there's definitely no need to worry about space. We can literally ride our bicycle indoors, something I’ve dreamt of ever since I lived with the first four kids in a dark and small apartment of 56 square meters. A longing to really spread out took place there and then.

Our slogan is “Claim Your Space” – and in many of your texts, a need for just that is shown. Have you found or created a place like that in your new apartment?

I actually have. A journalist had my room before me, and it is an old workroom. A mild green and gray wallpaper surrounds me in there, and I have an old dining table in dark wood as a work desk. A huge built-in cabinet covers one full wall, and there is also a bookshelf from the 1920’s. The room has a certain peacefulness, and I work like never before in there.

Our fourth trend collection is called Eclectic Dash and it wishes, not to stop, but to slow time down and make it more graspable. How does time show in your home? Times that have passed and good times to come?

Many original details have been spared in the apartment, and we get to enjoy them often. Alongside that, our everyday life with all the children brings a lively and vibrant character to our home. We don't want to live in a museum, and given that some of us do like to have a bit more of a modern style, our home feels very eclectic. Contemporary photo art and IKEA furniture stand side by side, and there are toys high and low. We follow our gut feeling and fall in love easily, buy and sell things online all the time. Our home is in a constant stage of change, though some favorites always stay put. The world and ourselves evolve all the time, so a natural movement upwards and forwards feels just right. But still – I do sometimes feel the need to slow things down and watch our “now” a bit from afar, just to truly notice and fully realize that this is the best time in my life and I never want to forget it.

We asked you to interpret our latest wallpaper collection in a photo. Did you get any personal favorites while working with the wallpaper samples?

It is impossible to pick just one favorite, I have gotten so many new ones while working on my flat lay. Stucco Gloria is a wall mural that I definitely will make room for at home. It reminds me of the ceiling roses at my previous home in Paris.

Stucco Gloria Real pearls and a beautiful antique barrette – a kind of self-portrait.

What I like the most about this collection is the extravagant and romantic feel. And at the same time, it feels modern. Nothing feels weird or wrong when it comes to you – of course; you should have a big fat ceiling rose on your wall!

R15481_image3 This wall mural might move in with Lotta and the kids.

I also find the wall mural A Priori completely magical in its colors, and as a motif, it is truly amazing. I dream about having it at home.

Pärlhalsband French panels – on a roll.

A Priori We are sure Lotta would make A Priori feel at home.

Let lust lead way

Do you also want to decorate your home as brave, intuitive and eclectic as Lotta? You find the collection Eclectic Dash here and hopefully, we will see some of the designs from the collection in Lotta's beautiful home.