Effortless DIY Wallpaper Gift Bags

December 16, 2015

Add a personal touch to your Christmas presents by designing your own gift bags

Would you like to impress your friends and relatives this Christmas? We're sure you do! So here’s a step-by-step guide on how to fold some stunning gift bags out of wallpaper.

presentpase-tapet kopia

All you need is: Wallpaper leftovers, a scissor, glue, a ribbon or string and a hole puncher.

In our case, we had some nice remains of wallpaper "Bellewood" and "Your Street, Meadow".


Your Street, Meadow.

And this is how you do it:


1. Cut out a rectangular sheet of a wallpaper you like and put it in front of you with the downside up.

2. Fold 2-3 cm on the long side of the wallpaper.

3. Fold the short sides against the middle, so they overlap 1-2 cm. Glue the joints together.

4. Fold in 4-7 cm from the bottom. This will be the base of the bag. The wider folding the wider base.

5. Pull the first layer of the wallpaper down and hold the second layer at place at the same time. It should look like in the picture. Press the line properly. You can scrape it with a ruler to get a sharper fold.

6. Fold the long sides towards the middle, so they overlap each other. Glue the joints together.

Almost done! Now you only need to add a string or a nice ribbon to the gift bag. For that purpose, make holes at the top of the gift bag with a hole puncher, put the ribbon / string through and tie it together with a nice bow.
To make it even more special, you can attach a branch or a flower in the bow.



Good luck!