Enhance and Experiment with Wall Murals

October 18, 2016
Wall murals work wonders in both expected and unexpected places. Of course, wallpaper on a wall is the most common use of it. But try to also cover ceilings or doors, or maybe even pillars for eye-catching effects? Use them for contrast or make a dull part of a room shine and become interesting again. Experiment – for a rebel there are no rules!

One room – Six surfaces

Wall murals can do what white paint can't – transform a room completely! To show the effect of surface murals, below are six pictures of the same room but with totally different outcome thanks to the wallpaper. Rough and worn or soothing and calm, the choice is all yours.

Experiment with wall murals to:

  • Add patina

  • Create the impression of rough textures that make surfaces seem less flat

  • Bring interesting tromp l’oeil effects

  • Freshen up a calm and light room with a discrete design

R12791The easiest way to get those chic patinated industrial style walls? The answer might very well be wall mural Battered Wall, which actually is a photographed wall from our favorite café.

R14671For a quiet result but with an interesting effect, allow Raku Crackle, Cream to dress a room. This surface – covered with the dynamic lining of natural cracks that are elegant in their simplicity - will give the room an intriguing organic dimension.

R12902A modern bedroom can get a touch of history with this trompe l'oeil motif Industrial Urban Farm L.A. Vintage. Where did those boxes come from, what was inside, and where are they now? An interesting wall mural that fits any type of room in a private or public space.

R14911The awesome Metal Gradient brings warmth and cold at the same time. Cold metal, but in a warm petrol shade. The color can, of course, be changed to match your project, and imagine what it would do if placed in the ceiling – the wonders it would work!

R14291Wooden panels are the general go to design when wanting to add some natural materials in a room. Here Worn Wood – a surface that has grown to become a masterpiece with the involvement of nature and mankind. If this isn't your style, there are several more types of panels to find here.

R13932A minimalistic interior evolves into something even more interesting with added texture. The craftsmanship in Birch Bark Braids, White is an old tradition in many cultures, and the pattern is multi-faceted and alive. In this blonde wood type, here in a white version, you will find star patterns, rhombs, and hexagons.

Do the unexpected

Just because they're called 'wall murals' the use of our designer wallpapers are of course not limited to the walls. In fact, we encourage you to place them wherever they add the most effect. In contemporary interiors, the ceiling might not be tended to with the same enthusiasm as the rest of the room.

Why not experiment with 'ceiling murals' to:

  • Lower the ceiling with a dark colored pattern

  • Transform a plain white ceiling to go with the rest of your interior vision

  • Give a ceiling a new structure without having to hire any carpenters

  • Remove the ceiling altogether with a panoramic motif

tak-tapetWant a ceiling like the Sistine Chapel? You could – just look at these inspiring cases above where the imagination of interior designer Ann Louise at Hjärterum ended up in these beautiful, eye-catching ceilings.

r10151_image1_lowresWith a wall mural, you can lower the ceiling, or even better – create an opening to the sky above – as in the mural Free as a Bird

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