Fashion for Walls – When Clothing and Interior Design Merge Into One

January 18, 2019

Discover Tess Callervik's world of unique patterns

Our latest trend collection Day & Night is created through a collaboration with the Swedish slow fashion brand Daynight Casual, founded in 2017. Born in Denmark, Tess Callervik moved to Sweden at a young age and later became an illustrator, pattern constructor and founder of the fashion brand whose patterns fascinates and seduces. Six selected designs have made the journey from flowing textile, to expressive wallpaper for interior design.

– I love to interrupt a pattern with objects that don't quite belong, to create dynamic and interest. When the illustrations are almost done, I review and add something extra, a twist. I've always liked unique things and details, the personal additions. It's wonderful with contrasts to bring life to the design, Tess describes.

swedishforestWhen her patterns embellish the luxurious and well-tailored garments from Daynight Casual's collection, their task is to dress their owners for everyday looks as well as for parties. But when the imaginative patterns come in the form of wallpaper, the possibility to create amazing rooms and environments occur – inspired by the light or dark hours of the day.

Vibrating flora and fauna

Tess creates her patterns with mixed materials and techniques. She goes through all types of landscapes; from tropical jungles to Nordic pine forests. Even the bottom of the ocean is explored in the hunt for the desirable feeling of being free and the ingredients for visual pattern magic. The inspiration from the animal kingdom is unmistakeable in Tess' designs. The designs are overflowing of life and lust, sounds and movement; hear the roaring waves in the wallpaper Seven Seas, the buzz from the pollinating bugs in the wall mural The Orchard and the chatter from the vigilant mandrills in Eden Nightfall.

– For each new pattern, I want to make up a story and create a world around it. I don't like it when it gets boring and predictable. The idea is to continually discover new details and tiny bugs where least expected. I love the animal and plant kingdom, definitely a recurring element in all my designs, Tess says.


R16201_image5 The Orchard

Sheer petals, a delicate color palette and carefully drawn pencil lines tenderly catch the wild activity of an orchard during spring and summer. You can almost hear the buzzing of the pollinating insects in the apple and rose hip blossoms, the forget-me-nots, the waterlilies, the sorrels, and the hydrangeas.

R16161_image4 Cuba Jungle

Prickly succulents, flirting birds of paradise and yummy berries. Edible or toxic – who knows? Tess Callervik's world of designs is suggestive and elusive. The green leaves are linked in sacred symmetrical patterns. Across the motif, shimmering beetles are looking just like gemstone-colored jewels.

DayNight_Clothes Seven Seas

Surging coral colored waves roll over Tess' interpretation of a turquoise ocean landscape. Robust corals, weightless jellyfish, and slippery algae create the foundation of this salty underwater world.

– The Mediterranean Sea and France inspired me a lot to the design named Seven Seas. My parents have a place in the mountains near Grasse, the old perfume town, in southeastern France. It's teeming of ant trails on the house's driveway, so my kids and I often sit down and watch them work hard to carry straws to the anthill, Tess replies regarding how the ants ended up among the corals in this pastel reef pattern.


DayNight_Sleeping-2 Space Monkey

Is the moon full or half? Are the stars shining particularly strong on the midnight blue sky, or do they do the opposite – fall? If so, be sure to make your wish. The monkeys climb flexibly up and down the plantations, and their shimmering fur makes a beautiful contrast to the deep blue background.

dresser Eden Nightfall

The characteristic passion fruit flower prides itself as one of many in this red bouquet, spreading over several square feet. Moths, rhinoceros beetles and vigilant mandrills are also to be found in the foliage. The background is a dark, contrasting blue-green color.

DayNight-Fashion_for_Walls-1 The Swedish Forest

Relax, knowing that the owls are watching over you. Restful, yet always ready for action, they are flaunting on this fascinating wallpaper with inspiration from a typical, beautiful Swedish forest. Enjoy ferns, pine needles, dragonflies, mushrooms and moss, in a way never seen before.

– The owl is a well-known symbol for wisdom and knowledge, but to me, it also represents change, darkness and the unknown. The design for The Swedish Forest is inspired by the paintings of John Bauer and stories by Elsa Beskow, two Swedish geniuses. But also from just strolling in the Swedish forests which are simply beautiful, Tess says. We can only agree.

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