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October 18, 2016
At Rebel Walls we have made it our mission to have your wall covering needs covered. Use our website as a tool for inspiration and planning, and find that wall mural design that makes the most of your decorating concept. Browse the Rebel Walls assortment either by choosing a category of style or a color scheme. Find what you are looking for and save your favorites.

If you can’t find the right style, color or even motif in our present assortment, you have the option to upload your own picture or choose one from the image bank. And have it customized by our design team according to your descriptions.

Four ways to find the right mural:

  • Browse our assortment online by style or color (or if you already know what you're after – use the search engine)

  • Choose an image in our image bank

  • Upload your own image

  • Have our design studio make a unique design for your concept



We release two major collections per year arranged around a main theme. The collections span a wide range of wall covering motifs and patterns, edgy as well as classical.

#1 Panorama – became our first collection released in 2013 and presented a fresh take on the traditional photo mural.

#2 Frontage – gathers unique surfaces, such as hand-drawn facades of Parisian buildings, rustic wooden plates, and vintage tiles, from different parts of the world.

#3 Greenhouse – reimagines the floral theme in modern terms. In addition to being of historical importance, the floral has never lost its significance. This collection celebrates all things that grow wild and free. And consequently brings nature into our homes. Its masterpiece – Bellewood – presents a fresh take on the classical toile.

#4 Spectrum – is our most colorful and saturated collection. Feelings about color are often deeply personal and rooted in our experience. Nonetheless, colorful motifs can boost our energy. They can highlight and draw attention to a spot or a surface. The light in a room depends on the color of the surface reflecting it back at us. And as a result, impacts our mood. This collection wants to cover the entire spectrum.

#5 Maps – have been present as wall coverings in the war rooms of conquerors and explorers for centuries. Nothing spurs adventure as a map does. Even its blind spots – the distant shores, the vast oceans, once believed to be inhabited by sea serpents and mermaids – triggers imagination. This collection honors that drive to meticulously describe the world as we know it. The desire to explore the Terra Incognita. It collects both bold abstract interpretations as well as realistic vintage maps.

#6 Passion – is the result of our vision to see wallpaper and home decoration as a way to claim space for ourselves. We want to inspire people to make room for whatever their interests may be. This collection encourages empowering environments that honors passion.

Our latest collection goes peculiar


The latest collection – #7 Curiousis our take on the industrial trend popularized in recent years by series like Showtime’s Penny Dreadful, with its elements of gothic Victoriana and steampunk. The collection contains patinated and withering surfaces such as crumbling factory walls. It shows abandoned buildings reminiscent of the odd and peculiar, hence reminding us of the decay of a world drifting into the past. Inspired by such things as the bestiaries of the nineteenth-century museums this collection is in itself a cabinet of curiosities.

Be curious

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