Flowerbed – Customized Wall Mural for the Soulful Home of @boho.wife

October 25, 2018

Welcome to the energetic and soulful home of Susanne

The adorable kids of Susanne and her husband, the moment of tranquility captured in a simple cup of coffee and wild forest views are what greet you on the Instagram account of @boho.wife. Susanne is a big inspiration when it comes to colorful, gender-neutral kids fashion and unique soulful interior design. Now and then you get a glimpse of Flowerbed from Rebel Walls. 10 years ago Susanne lived in an apartment with white walls in every room. When the family got their own house that changed.

boho Photos by @boho.wife

The hallway went from a "passage" to an eye-catcher

Susanne is fearless and always on point when it comes to picking out colors and matching materials. When she reached out to us, she was looking for a real statement wall mural for the family hallway. A hallway with an unusual height of 13 feet. To let the flowers from Flowerbed climb from the bottom to the top of the wall was a bold but successful decision.

f_stripe_The wall mural Flowerbed is originally available in a black or cream white background. Linda Pålemo, Designer at Rebel Walls, helped the family get their favorite brown background color, and didn't it turn out stunning?

Flowerbed in original colorways:


Flowerbed, Vintage

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