Photo wallpaper 2.0

March 23, 2015

We involve the whole world in the search of the perfect wallpaper

The world is as big as it has always been, but with the many new ways of communication, especially over the internet, the distances are significantly shorter. Getting different forms of art, people and phenomena together now feels easier than ever. This is the story of how a beloved wallpaper motif came to be. From California in the U.S. to Borås and out into the world again – somewhat reshaped.


Industriel Urban Farm Cuisine in L.A. is a well-renowned restaurant in Los Angeles. This is how they themselves describe their kitchen: "The style of cuisine served up by your grandmother in her farmhouse in Provance, France, with one little twist; Your grandmother has sleeve tattoos."


And if you don’t have such a paternal or maternal grandmother, they believe that you should book a table at their place, and so do we! Not least for the interior design.


The interior design photos from their fantastic restaurant flourished on the internet, and one wall in particular made the designers in our design studio gasp for breath.


A physical collage of item boxes of an older kind. More or less scraped off labels declare what the boxes have carried, and on previously painted boxes you can now catch a clearer glimpse of the wood grain than when they initially started their travels. A site-built rack allows the boxes’ side panels to fall into a smooth line with each other. Confusingly similar to a wallpaper!

R12901 - Industriel Urban Farm L.A.

The very same reason for why we wanted to make a wallpaper out of this inimitable collection. A local photographer, a friendly restaurant boss and a designer who managed to build a large and repeatable pattern image of the approximately 1,5 x 4 meters big original image, and we have an amazingly pretty, original wallpaper for our second collection book Frontage. A wallpaper book with complete focus on surfaces.


We named the wallpaper after the restaurant in order to honor the original version – Industrial Urban Farm L.A is sharp, filled with beautiful wood grain, rusty screw heads, color remains, typography and history. The boxes are collected from the area around California, USA, but some started their journeys somewhere completely different, given that the world has been a multi-cultural place for some time. Actually.


Industrial Urban Farm Cuisine Vintage has a slightly sootier tone, for those who like that...


and in our latest collection book Spectrum, which is an homage to colour, there is a version in all the colors of the rainbow.


We call this version Colour Boxes. A beautiful wallpaper, a friendly world, a fun background story for a unique and beautiful wallpaper!


If you have something back home that you would like to have transformed into a unique wallpaper design - contact us. Emma at the design studio will help you out!