Greenhouse Chapter 1 - Garden Glory

September 19, 2014
Joy permeates the patterns and wall murals included in the Garden Glory chapter of the Greenhouse collection. They will warm your walls no matter how cold and gray the day is. Garden Glory gives you a profusion of flowers in a garden blooming all year round. Photo wallpaper offers you a unique opportunity to enjoy the naturalistic motifs infused with all the variations of the colour scale. They are often associated with a wall motif. The wonderful Poppy art are a fantastically beautiful example of this. This size of photo allows each shift in tone of the delicate petals to appear.

Many of the wall murals included in the Greenhouse collection let you plant your summer gardens on several walls. Meadow spreads out like a blossoming meadow with its profusion of flowers. It is perfect in a room with a vintage motif. If you appreciate the colourful element that adds seasoning to a shabby chic interior decor, you will also love Flowerbed. Hand-drawn and photographed blossoms mesh with a classic striped wallpaper. ABC for the spelling bee is a popular wallpaper that has attracted a great deal of attention. Each letter is inspired by a plant with a similar shape. The photo wallpaper also offers a brilliant feature. You can decide what it will say. You child’s name on a bedroom wall makes the wall distinct and beautiful.

The tranquility in the design is shared by the delicate Winding spring. Buds and freshly bloomed blossoms give a work room a creative atmosphere. The pattern originated when the photographer walked past a cherry tree and was inspired to photograph the wonderful blossoms. You’ll also sense the clear spring air in the wonderful Blossom for the bees. It can offer peace of mind in any bedroom.Even those who did not appreciate flower patterns before can fall in love with Simple seedpod. The simple beauty magnified on a wall mural conveys a modern feel, perfect for a light airy room. Quite simply, the Garden Glory chapter offers something for everyone.