The home of two rebels

February 10, 2015

Who gets our wallpapers?

Where do they go? We have the addresses, this is not a blog post about our substandard ability to deliver our product - the orders land where ever you want them to land but what kind of personalities, interior design dreams and actual homes lay behind the decision to get one of our wallpapers? We decided to follow one of the hundreds of wallpaper orders back to the people who ordered it. Whoever they are. We picked the order of the wallpaper Growing Wild and as it turned out - we got to meet a truly inspiring couple with a really exciting home- in the making. This is Moa and Niclas and their wallpaper story;


The couple who are turning an old summer restaurant into a private home. Right by the water, in the small town Ulricehamn, Sweden, an odd looking house is squeezed in between a step hill and a peaceful lake. The restaurant had its glory days in the mid fifties and you got here by boat - we took the winding road over the mountain to get here.


Niclas has worked as a creative director the last thirteen years and Moa is a wedding dress designer. The couple met during a local summer theater in an old castle near by were they both were engaged.


Limited by the mountain in the west and by the lake in east they work with what directions thats left, north and south, also known as - the shoreline. With good craftsmanship nature mets "man made" beautifully.


They are not only renovating the old summer restaurant but building new wings. Necessary given the fact that the house is approximately one room broad and one houndred inventive functions long. With plenty of room for Niclas son and daughter who also lives in the house.


To create a home from scratch offers both euphoria and despair, two feelings that calls for cool drinks. Luckily thats one of Moas specialties.


Wallpapers, wallpapers, wallpapers...

One thing that really catches our attention is of course wallpapers. In the new built studio where Moa makes her wedding dresses the couple choose a classic pattern. Linné from Boråstapeter. A company situated in the same city as Rebel Walls.



The three big windows facing the lake outside creates a welcoming and warm light in the room. Perfect sewing conditions!


A faithful companion

A wallpaper that Niclas and Moa really love is Golden Lily from William Morris. They had it in their last house and they felt that they had to take it with them to their new home as well. A good way to feel at home from start!


Layers of wallpapers tells us a bit more of the spirit of the house. A local newspaper from december 1932 made the wall smoother to wallpaper eighty years ago.



Rebel Walls contribution

And to the reason Rebel Walls got in contact with the pair. We first heard from Niclas and Moa in January, when they ordered a sample of the spectacular wallpaper Growing Wild from our Greenhouse collection.


Moa had decided to both wallpaper and paint the walls in their bedroom and needed to find the exact right shade of green.


A task easier said than done, as it turned out...


The green background of Growing Wild is melange. After thorough work they finally found both the right shade and technique to get started.


Eager to see the result, we visited the couple as soon as the wallpapers were up, there is still some work to be done with frames and doorpost but never the less - the room has a fabulous touch! Verdant and dreamy at the same time.


To keep a track of the renovation visit Moa @lockyerfox on instagram, its in swedish but the pictures speak for themselves.

Thanks to Niclas and Moa for having us!

Photos of the couple; STT magasin and Photographer Boel Ferm