How to Charity Shop Like a Pro – Our Stylist's Top 5 Tips

November 17, 2017

The dream of the perfect charity shop find

Lost in the charity shop and flea market jungle? Don't worry, we'll guide you with tips and tricks for a successful shopping hunt. Are you dreaming about that specific chair or interior detail, maybe a design classic or something else that is repeatedly featured in blogs and interior magazines? You can't forget about it, and you keep getting reminded of it again and again – and you just have to have it! If it's a design classic, you'll probably find a newly-produced one without any hassles at the interior shop. But the thought of being able to find it in a flea market or a charity shop, maybe a little worn but for a bargain, is probably appealing to everyone – and also that it's environmentally friendly.

loppis-4 Odd vases and bowls on the shelves in the charity shop. Together they look quite boring, but an odd detail can nicely stand out and lift the interior of your home. Do you recognize the bowl in the middle?

Have you ever experienced that overwhelming sense of curiosity, the ability to find something for a bargain that you've been longing for? Maybe you've got up early and now standing in starting position, in the queue outside the charity shop before they open, just like being in a marathon run. You look at the "opponents" around you and evaluate them. Is there anyone hunting for similar items like you? Then – suddenly the doors open and the game is on. You'd rather run, but instead, you hurry up as much as you can. On the inside, you discover something in the corner, something that could be IT. You rush over there, and yes, that's precisely what you've been dreaming about – then you're addicted!

The stylist's 5 tips for successful charity shopping

Before a flea market or a charity shop visit, it's good to prepare yourself, knowing how to put up your "hunt" in the best possible way. There's always a chance to find what you've been dreaming about, but also the opportunity to get spontaneous finds in one place.

loppis-5 At our stylist's home, the charity shop finds are crowded. Both the charming dining table on wheels, the classic Fritz Hansen chairs, the Louis Poulsen lamps, and last in, the green stool, is all charity or antique shop finds.

siffra1Plan your purchases

Before you go charity shopping – think through what you are looking for. Is there any furniture or any other interior items that you are dreaming about. Then when you arrive at the charity shop, it will be easier to know which department you are going to visit first. Once there, focus on finding your dream item or maybe there's something similar that could work instead.

siffra2Prioritize and ask for help

If you were lucky enough to find what you were looking for, then you can go through the other departments in peace and quiet. But if it didn't show up this time, then look for what's no. 2  on your wish list. If you have something that's a little harder to find, then you can always keep that in mind now. One day, when you least expect it, it will show up. And don't hesitate to ask the staff in place for help, they usually know what's in the assortment right now. Maybe they also can tip you when new things arrive, and you can be there that day the next time.

siffra3Dare to go a little odd

To create a personal style, you can always add something odd that stands out and captures an interest in your interior. Then a charity shop or flea market is the perfect place to start searching. You may not really know what you are looking for until it appears right in front of you. Then it's harder to prepare yourself as in the examples above, but have an open mind when looking. Most often, the craziest and oddest looking item can be a cool interior detail after it's taken out of its context in a charity shop and placed in a nice setting at home.

siffra4Go to several charity shops on the same day

Do you have the opportunity to visit several charity shops and flea markets on the same day? Do it – and it can give you new ideas and thoughts about your interior at home. Don't be afraid to try out new things that you may not have dared to try before. Now you really have the opportunity to do so, because the price tag isn't as large compared to interior stores. Grab a shopping cart on your way in and collect all of the "must haves" but also the "maybes", this way you won't miss anything you couldn't make your mind up about at first glance. Then when you feel ready, and you have gone through the different departments in the charity shop, you can look over your cart and sort out all the goodies.

siffra5Look for your finds the right way

Take your time and go methodically through the departments in the charity shop where you think you could find something that you want. If it's amongst the porcelain, you can start at one end and then look over the shelves one by one. Keep it in mind that it is easy to miss the finds that are hiding at the back. Have in mind what you are looking for, but always keep an open mind to find something else on the way. Sometimes you might also let the price tag make the decision for you. If the price feels too high, then put it back, more chances will always come, to make that real find. And that's what charity shops and flea markets are for – to go home with that object you dreamt about, bought for a bargain.

With this in mind, you'll come a long way, and it will give you a better chance of getting there first and to find those objects of your dreams. But everything can't be affected, of course, luck plays a big part of it as well.

Example – how to style your finds

To show how odd objects, which don't always look that good dusty and abandoned on a flea market shelf, can live up and shine in other environments. Our stylist took the camera along on one of her charity shop and flea market rounds. The pictures speak their clear language; one mans trash can be another one's treasure.

Here our stylist has styled some finds from the charity shop, a vase in the look of a shell and a large spool. See the result on the image to the right.

The golden tealight holder, found on the shelf to the right, creates a luxurious feeling.

Style your finds with wall murals from the Eclectic Dash trend collection

Dare to mix and match, old and new? Charity shop finds and design classics will create a personal and interesting interior. In our trend collection Eclectic Dash, we celebrate the courage to be voluminous. It's a refined wallpaper collection that knows and loves its history. Its designs are the perfect starting point for exquisite environments. Bold designs that claim their rightful space in the room and encourage you to do the same. Eclectic means broad-ranging and style blending. To know what is out there, go for it regardless of trends, and dare to mix and match your favorites, even if the combinations are unconventional. It’s a fun and fearless way of decorating, and for those who dare to master the task, can gain a truly genuine and captivating room setting.

a-prior-blogpost The wall mural A Priori fits perfectly on the ceiling, as well your walls.

“Eclectic” was first used to describe the late 19th-century style mix of baroque, gothic, renaissance and art nouveau. All of these can be seen in Eclectic Dash, in the shape of charming cherubs, winding crown moldings, bold stucco detailing and French panels. The present comes marching in, challenging and accentuating the classical aesthetics, with colorful abstract splashes, decayed fragmental surfaces, and Renaissance artistry, at a stage when time not only passes by but leaves traces. Eclectic Dash is a doubtless wallpaper collection that salutes the grand view of life.

Curious about the collection?

Read more about our eclectic collection and download inspiring pictures for your interior projects here:

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